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Modern screens from MDF radiator.

It is known that most of the current multi-storey buildings are built in the Soviet era, and the appearance of the cast-iron radiators and steel "bellows" nobody thought.

Getting repair acute question of decorating the radiator.

SPE firm "Invest" has developed and manufactures modern screens from MDF radiator capable how to convert image radiators and decorate a variety of niches, openings.

A range of decorative screens in the form of flat, overhead screens and screens in the form box.

Ekrany of MDF

The screens are made completely of ...
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How it works.

Most DIY repair easily taken irons, kettles, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, computers, etc., but yield to such a familiar domestic refrigerator.
The main reason for this fear - ignorance of the principle of the refrigerator and the lack of understanding of the processes.
Let's try to fill this gap in knowledge. Moreover, that's not so difficult!

Svecha Let's start from a distance.
To start with, inquire into the nature of the phenomenon: "cooling of the product in the fridge".
Let us imagine that we have decided to warm his hands around a burning candle.
What physical process is at the same place?
The answer is simple: the high temperature of the flame and heat, naturally, will be transferred to the colder hands. After heat ALWAYS moves from a source with a higher temperature to a body of lower temperature ...

Windows (PVC windows).
Pros and Cons.

Okno of PVH Not so long ago we had an alternative to traditional wooden windows - windows of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or, as we say, new windows, or PVC box.

It is believed that plastic windows - is a new level of comfort in our home. But is it really?

Getting repair, looking at the old, cracked and chipped wooden frames, we begin to think - and can, in fact, put a plastic box? It's no wonder that sales and installation of windows takes so firm that it's hard not what to choose, and even understand them.

What still good windows?

Let's start with the main - tightness. The concepts of "drafts" and "plastic box" are not compatible. They do not need to seal in the winter, to score in the joints of foam, and the spring break off the stuck paper and glue residue wash. Sealable plastic windows do not miss also dust off our streets congested road ...

Finish: varnish or oil?

Parket shtuchnyy Fashion, fashion ...

In recent years, more and more often the question arises: to cover parquet lacquer or oil? Wherever you look - everywhere varnish, and so want something new. But is it really a fresh idea to cover parquet oil? Let us turn to logic. On the one hand, we know that the parquet, lacquered, require periodic sanding. On the other - known for fine examples of the parquet, standing 100 - 200 years - think of palaces, medieval castles and manor houses. How did parquet managed to "survive" if it scrape at least once in 10 years? But nothing! It has survived because it was covered with oil, and then, in order to protect, regularly treated with wax.

It turns out that the oil coating better than paint? The answer is not simple. Let's deal ...

Modern classic Italian kitchen design.

For decades Italian masters offer the highest quality cuisine. The original design, functionality typical cuisines of Italy ...

A classic Italian kitchen design-1

Walk past the Italian cuisine is not possible - they stand out among the cuisines of other countries producing their stunning elegance and inimitable grace ...
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Electricity in the house.
How to protect electrical equipment from power surges.

Sgorevshie noutbuki Unfortunately many of us have had to deal firsthand with breakdowns of household electrical appliances from power surges. Sometimes we were finished off lightly and replace the fuse, continued to operate the device. But, most often, the equipment required costly repairs or repairs are not generally subject to.
What causes surges?
First of all, the most dangerous shock - a sudden increase in voltage.
Causes of increased stress may be several. Most often there is a sharp increase in tension while disconnected from the network of many consumers. However, even if at 11 pm lights turn off almost all the inhabitants of your area, it is unlikely to happen tangible increase voltage. But if at the end of the day the plant simultaneously turn off all power-consuming equipment - the power surges can not be avoided.
Overvoltage occurs most often caused by broken neutral wire ...

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