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The Eiffel Tower

By 2016, the Eiffel Tower turned into a "green" eco-object.

The British Daily Mail reported that in 2016, in Paris, scheduled to cover the greenery of the famous Eiffel Tower. For these purposes it is planned to allocate about 76 million euros.
Recall that the height of the tower is 320m. Each year, the tower has more than 7 million...

Table lamp

Italian brands of lights.

The importance of lighting in modern interior living spaces can not be minimized.
Designer lamp not only accentuate your impeccable taste, but also become a bright eye-catching piece of furniture of the room. Flawless coverage as stressed interior design, and creates a very comfortable environment for work and relaxation. Properly organized light promotes a more holistic perception of the design development...

The Three Gorges Dam

Dam "Three Gorges": above and beyond the miracle problems.

Perhaps China would not be China if it did not build the largest dam in the world and on it the most powerful in the world of power. It is about the Three Gorges Dam (Sanxia) based on affluent Yangtze River...

Pyramid of Khufu

Construction. Interesting facts.

Pyramid of Cheops - the largest of the Great Pyramids at Giza consists of 2,300,000 blocks. The weight of each unit is on average 2.5 tonnes....
The highest surface area, which was continuously filled with concrete, is 207,000 square feet....

Donbass Arena

Donbass Arena - one of the best stadiums in the world.

Donbass Arena - the first stadium in eastern Ukraine, which in all respects complies with UEFA.
And last but not least thanks to the stadium Postoico Ukraine became the first country of the former Soviet Union, which was entrusted to the European mundial. By the way, the attempts of other states of the former Soviet Union, to get this right was not successful...

Самый большой бассейн в мире

The biggest pool - on the ocean.

You may ask: why swim the Pacific coast to build an artificial pool? Yes, and the world's largest!
The answer is simple: for the comfort of tourists! After all, it is a storm in the ocean - some like it and some do not. The water in the ocean is not always clean enough, and other times naughty shark...

Pool at the height of 191m!

Outdoor pool at the height of 191m!

Just imagine the outdoor pool on the roof of a skyscraper - is breathtaking! And if you add that visually creates the impression that the water flows directly into the abyss.
Of course there is the pool side, and the water flows into a special cleaning system, where...

The most expensive house

House worth $ 5 million per 1 square meter.

In appearance never say that this villa is $ 12.2 billion. But this is really true!
Presented to the British designer Stuart Hughes (Stuart Hughes) from Liverpool and Kevin Huber (Kevin Huber), the owner of design agency exklusivHAUS of Zug Switzerland, Zurich....

Original dream: a house on the water.

Who among us, for once in my life, never dreamed of: to throw all to hell, and move to live in a remote place, close to nature!
And if we live in a floating house? Besides, you're a sailor or a lover of fishing ... Bliss!...

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